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ACA Awards

Independent Operator of the Year

Presented annually by CableFAX Magazine and sponsored by the American Cable Association and the National Cable Television Coop (NCTC), this honor recognizes an ACA/NCTC independent cable operator that has distinguished itself by exemplifying excellence in service, sales, marketing, community service and industry advocacy. 

2015 Recipient - MCTV (Massillon Cable TV)

Past Recipients
2014 Comporium
2013 Cable One
2012 Wave Broadband
2011 General Communications, Inc. (GCI)
2010 NewWave Communications
2009 NPG Cable, Inc.
2008 WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone
2007 Armstrong
2006 Patriot Media
2005 Buford Media

Lyn Simpson Grassroots Spirit Award

The Lyn Simpson Grassroots Spirit Award is presented annually to a person who has demonstrated:

  • Dedication to the mission of ACA;
  • With commitment to the success of smaller, independent cable businesses;
  • Without regard to personal sacrifices in time and effort;
  • And the results of this individual's work have made a difference to our members.

Send your letters to Congress today and copy ACA on your correspondence to be added to our grassroots spirit index.

2015 Award Recipient - John Higginbotham, Frankfort Plant Board, (second from left).

Past Recipients
2013 John Strode, Ritter Communications
2012 Chris Kyle, Shentel
2010 Jim Beattie, BEVCOMM
2009 Chad Winters, Cass Cable TV, Inc.
2008 Harron Communications 2008 Jim Gleason, NewWave Communications
2006 Michael Drake, Milestone Communications
2005 Patrick Davis, Davis Communications

ACA Eagle Award

The ACA Eagle Award is presented annually to an individual who is an ACA member who has served in the cable television industry for at least 15 years and whose achievements in that time have significantly benefited the cable television industry. Their dedication, effort, and service to the industry stand as an inspiration to his/her colleagues.

2015 Recipent - Terry Nidiffer, GCI, (holding microphone).

2015 Recipient - Chris Cinnamon, Cinnamon Mueller, pictured below.

Past Recipients:
2013 - Steve Friedman, Wave Broadband
2009 - Martin Brophy, Shen-Heights TV Cable
2008 - Pat Thompson, RBC Daniels
2008 - Steve Weed, Wave Broadband

Chairman's Award

The ACA Board of Directors' Chairman Award is given to the board's chairman for their leadership and vision for Independent Cable.  The award is normally presented at the end of the Chairman's term.

2014 Award Recipient – Colleen Abdoulah, WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone

Past Recipients: 
2010 Steve Friedman, Wave Broadband
2008 Patrick Knorr, Sunflower Broadband

PAC Leadership Award

The ACA PAC Award is presented annually to an ACA Member Company or individual that demonstrates awareness of the importance of contributing to the ACA PAC to help elect both Democratic and Republican candidates in the U.S. House and Senate who are concerned about the well being of independent cable operators.  Find out more about the ACAPAC.

2014 Leadership Award Recipient – MCTV, accepting is Bob Gessner, (second from right), and Julie Laulis of Cable One, accepting for Julie is Trish Niemann.

Past Recipients

2013 John Gdovin, RCN
2013 Tom Steel, RCN
2013 Atlantic Broadband
2012 Ronald Duncan, GCI
2011 Massillon Cable TV
2011 Belinda Dunivan, Windjammer 2010 Wave Broadband  
2010 Tom Might, Cable ONE
2010 Earl Kuhn, Kuhn Communications
2009 Colleen Abdoulah, WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone
2009 Buckeye Cable Systems
2008 WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone
2007  Cable ONE
2006 Jim Gleason, New Wave Communications

Emeritus Board Member

Norman Mills (1923-2007), president of Colstrip Cable TV, Inc, was a founding member of the ACA and served on the organization's board of directors since its inception in 1993 until the time of his death.

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