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Government Affairs Press Releases

July 2017

20ACA Commends Rep. Pallone’s Viewer Protection Act
19ACA Praying For Sen. McCain’s Full Recovery
18ACA: ‘All Is Not Well’ With Pole Attachment Rules
18ACA: Reversing Title II Classification Needed to Stem Decline in Broadband Investment, Innovation and Rollout of New Services
12ACA: Small Cable Operators Welcome Public Engagement On Promoting Internet Freedom
10ACA: Dish and DirecTV’s Opposition To Minor Increase In FCC Regulatory Fees Lacks Merit
7ACA Pleased Court Affirmed FCC’s Finding That Cable Operators Are Subject To Effective Competition Nationally
6ACA Calls On FCC To Clear Out Regulatory Underbrush

June 2017

29ACA Supports President Trump For His Intention To Nominate Brendan Carr To Serve On The FCC
23ACA: FCC Needs To Establish Regulatory Fee Parity Between Cable/IPTV and Big Satellite TV
20ACA Applauds FCC On Giving Cable Operators The Option To Email Annual Notices
19ACA Asks FCC To Speak To Recent State Action On ISPs’ Measurement Of Broadband Speeds
16ACA Members Describe Pole Access Problems That Deter Network Deployment
14ACA Praises President Trump For Deciding To Nominate Jessica Rosenworcel To The FCC

May 2017

18ACA Supports FCC’s Initiation Of The Restore Internet Freedom Rulemaking
12Municipal ISPs Back Repeal Of Title II Classification and General Conduct Standard
9ACA Urges FCC To Adopt Safeguards To Ensure Smooth ATSC 3.0 Transition

April 2017

26ACA Supports FCC Chairman Pai On Effort To Lift Title II Regulation Of ISPs
25ACA Applauds Chairman Pai’s Plan To Review Outdated Media Regulations
20ACA Applauds FCC Vote Looking At The Removal Of Barriers To Broadband Deployment
11ACA Calls On NIST To Reevaluate Its Proposed Approach To Cybersecurity Metrics
5ACA Praises FCC Chairman Pai On Ensuring A More Rigorous Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Regulations
4ACA Thanks White House Congress For Voiding FCCs Misguided Data Security Regulations
3ACA Pleased FCC Eliminated Broadband Overbuild Mandate In Charter-TWC-BHN Merger Order

March 2017

31FCC Chairman Ajit Pai To Support Broadband Investment
30FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly Calls Title II Regulations ‘Harmful,’ ‘Problematic’
30Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers Urges Government To Be A ‘Partner, Not A Competitor’
29Rep. Schrader Predicts Greater Public-Private Infrastructure Investments
28ACA Pleased Broadband Privacy Repeal Headed To White House
23ACA Applauds Senate Passage Of Flake Resolution Voiding FCC's Broadband Privacy Rules
17FCC Chairman Ajit Pai To Address ACA #Summit24 Attendees
9House GOP Conference Chair Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers To Address ACA #Summit24
8ACA Supports Using CRA To Void FCC’s Burdensome Privacy Regulations
7ACA Congratulates FCC Chairman Pai On Renomination
2ACA Statement On The FCC’s Temporary Stay Of Data Security Rules
1ACA Member Cable ONE Addresses Rep. Blackburn’s Rural Broadband Forum

February 2017

24ACA, Independent Programmers Call On FCC To Curb Forced Bundling
23ACA Applauds FCC Vote On Enhanced Transparency
23ACA: FCC Took Positive Step On CAF Weighting Methodology
23ACA Supports Broad Range Of Questions In FCC’s NPRM On The ATSC 3.0 Transition
7FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly To Speak At ACA #Summit24

January 2017

26ACA Applauds FCC Approval Of N.Y. State’s Waiver Petition To Gain CAF Support
26ACA, Independent Cable Programmers Tell FCC To Address Channel Bundling First
25ACA Opposes TV Stations Effort To Relax FCC Ownership Rules
24ACA Congratulates Ajit Pai on Being Named Chairman of The Federal Communications Commission
11ACA Applauds House Passage Of Small Business Enhanced Transparency Exemption Bill
5ACA Asks FCC To Modify Or Eliminate Series Of Telecom Regs Burdensome To Smaller Providers
4ACA Asks FCC To Reconsider Rigid, Burdensome Broadband Privacy Order
1ACA Condemns Northwest Broadcasting’s Massive Blackout Of Cable ONE Customers

December 2016

16ACA Disappointed FCC Failed To Extend Small ISP Enhanced Transparency Exemption Despite Agreement On Its Importance
15ACA Commends FCC Chairman Wheeler On His Stewardship Of The Agency
8ACA Commends Nomination Of Linda McMahon As SBA Administrator

November 2016

16ACA Statement On Removal Of BDS Order From FCC’s Open Meeting Agenda
15ACA Supports Cox In Copyright Infringement Appeal
9ACA On The 2016 Elections: Pledges Open Communications Dialogue

October 2016

31ACA Honored To Be Named To Federal Communications Commission’s Consumer Advisory Committee
28ACA, NCTC Release Dates, Locations For 2017 Industry Shows
22ACA Comments On AT&T's $85.4 Billion Acquisition Of Time Warner

September 2016

29ACA Salutes FCC’s NPRM Designed To Promote Independent and Diverse Programming
13ACA Asks OMB To Address Paperwork Burdens Imposed By FCC Enhanced Transparency Requirements
8ACA Praises FCC On Elimination Of The Outdated UHF Discount
5ACA Praises FCC On Commitment To Regulatory Fee Parity Between DBS And Cable/IPTV

August 2016

30Smaller MVPDs Would Incur Excessive and Unparalleled Costs To Simulcast In All-IP With Any New Set-Top Box Rules From FCC
30ACA Members' Letter To FCC Opposes BDS/Special Access Regulation
29ACA To FCC: Base Any New Network Outage Reporting Requirements On Appropriate Thresholds And Unambiguous Metrics
25ACA Applauds FCC For Closing Local TV Station Ownership Loophole
10ACA To FCC: Keep 'Light Touch' Regulation Of Non-Dominant BDS/Special Access Providers
8ACA: Weighting Of CAF Bids Must Be Based Upon The Statute, A Methodology And Data

July 2016

29ACA Pursuing Judicial Relief For ISPs From FCC’s Unwarranted Imposition Of Title II
29ACA Praises FCC Media Bureau Action Against Sinclair TV For Flouting Good Faith Bargaining Obligations
27MCTV’s Robert Gessner Re-Elected ACA Chairman, BOYCOM’s Patricia Jo Boyers Re-Elected ACA Vice Chairwoman
27ACA’s Top Awards Given At 11th Independent Show
26Broadcasters’ And Large Programmers’ Demands Still Big Challenges For Smaller MVPDs, Independent Programmers
25Sen. Fischer Slams FCC’s Set-Top Plan As ‘A Solution In Search Of A Problem’
25FCC Commissioner Clyburn Hails Role Of Independent Operators
22ACA: FCC’s CAF Bidding Rules Need To Encourage Small Cable Participation
14ACA Appalled FCC Won’t Confront Broadcasters’ Retransmission Consent Abuse
12In Senate Testimony, ACA's Polka Urges FCC To Embrace FTC's Time-Tested Approach Toward Privacy For Broadband Customers
8FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn Will Address 11th Annual Independent Show
7Senator Deb Fischer To Address 11th Independent Show
7ACA Calls On FCC To Scuttle Burdensome Broadband Privacy Proposal
7ACA To FCC: Require DBS Operators To Pay Fair Share Of Regulatory Fees

June 2016

29ACA To FCC: Don’t Rate Regulate BDS Providers Bringing Competition To The Market
28ACA To FCC: Access To Video Descriptions On MVPD Systems Is Good And Getting Better
22ACA Calls On FCC To Establish DBS Regulatory Fee Parity With Cable
15ACA Applauds Senate Commerce Committee Approval Of Small Business Broadband Deployment Act Of 2015
14ACA Disappointed With D.C. Circuit Ruling Upholding FCCs Unjustified Regulation Of ISPs As Common Carriers
10ACA Urges FCC To Repeal Harmful Charter Overbuild Merger Condition
9ACA: FCC Should Retain Local Decisionmaking For EAS Override Rule
7ACA Thanks U.S. Small Business Admin For Seeking FCC Set-Top Exemption For Small MVPDs

May 2016

31ACA To FCC: Harmonize Broadband Privacy, Data Security Rules With FTC’s Flexible Framework
27ACA To FCC: Don’t Rubber Stamp ATSC 3.0 Transition
24ACA: FCC’s Set-Top Box Proposal Would Force More Than 200 Small Pay-TV Firms To Exit Video Or Shut Down
20ACA Commends FCC On Open Internet Transparency Rule Guidance
18ACA Reacts To FCC Chairman Wheeler’s Remarks At The INTX Show
11ACA Troubled By FCC’s Charter “Overbuild” Condition
6ACA Calls On FCC To Prevent Spike In Retrans Fees Caused By Nexstar-Media General Merger
5ACA Applauds 60 House Lawmakers For Bipartisan Letter Raising Alarm About Impact Of FCC’s Set-Top Box Rules On Small Providers

April 2016

27TiVo, Public Knowledge Recognize Smaller MVPDs Warrant Relief From FCC’s Proposed Set-Top Box Regs
25At FCC Forum, Independent Cable Representatives Urge Curbs On Large Programmers’ Abuses
22ACA: FCC’s Unlawful Set-Top Plan Will Devastate Smaller Cable Operators
20ACA Urges FCC To Act Now To Eliminate Barriers To Program Diversity In The MVPD Market
15ACA Statement On White House Support For The FCC Chairman’s Set-Top Box Proposal
15ACA Applauds Passage Of Rep. Kinzinger’s ‘No Rate Regulation of Broadband Internet Access Act’
5ACA To Copyright Office: Changes In Internet Market Require Clarifying Of Copyright Rules
1ACA Chairman Robert Gessner, ACA CEO Matthew Polka On C-SPAN's 'The Communicators'

March 2016

31ACA: Large Programmers To Blame For Lack Of Independent And Diverse Programming
25ACA Statement On Netflix’s Throttling Of Wireless Video Streaming Traffic
22ACA To FCC: Deny Or Condition Nexstar-Media General Merger
16ACA Commends House Energy & Commerce Passage Of Bill Banning Broadband Internet Access Rate Regulation
16ACA Commends Unanimous House Passage Of The Small Business Broadband Deployment Act
11ACA Intends To Participate In FCC’s Broadband Privacy NPRM
10ACA Statement On Sen. Thune’s FCC Reauthorization Bill
4ACA Members Advance Reform Agenda At #Summit23
3Rep. Mike Doyle Says FCC Needs To Clearly Define “Good Faith” Negotiations
3Rep. Pompeo Confident Congress Will Exempt Small Internet Providers From Onerous Regulations
2ACA Chairman Robert Gessner Outlines Independent Cable’s Broadband Principles
2Polka: ACA Will Push To Remove Barriers Preventing “Skinny Bundles”

February 2016

25ACA Applauds FCC’s Look At Broken Programming Market
24ACA Commends House Bipartisan Agreement To Exempt Smaller Internet Service Providers From Onerous Regulations
22Rep. Frank Pallone To Address ACA Summit
18In Court Brief ACA Supports FCCs Finding Of Cable Effective Competition
18ACA Extremely Troubled By FCC’s Set-Top Box Rulemaking
16ACA Summit To Feature Executive Panel
8ACA Applauds Formation Of Congressional Rural Broadband Caucus
4Rep. Mike Doyle To Address ACA Summit

January 2016

27ACA: FCC’s Set-Top Box Proposal Will Harm Smaller Cable Providers
15ACA: FCC Should Protect Consumers Harmed By Broadcasters’ Bad Faith

December 2015

18ACA Applauds Passage Of The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA)
17ACA Commends McCain-Blumenthal Bill To Ban TV Sports Blackouts
16ACA Appreciates Action By FCC Consumer And Governmental Affairs Bureau To Extend The Enhanced Transparency Exemption
3ACA Summit 2016 Website Opens With Registration Forms, Event Details
2ACA Urges FCC To Make Clear To TV Stations What It Means To Negotiate In Good Faith

November 2015

25ACA Applauds FCC’s New Pole Attachment Order
13ACA Calls On FCC To Impose Targeted Conditions On Charter-TWC-BHN Merger
11ACA Urges FCC To Reject Calls For AllVid Mandates
10ACA Highlights Value Of Cyber Information Sharing By Smaller ISPs
10Wireless Providers Should Pay Fees For FCC Wireline Competition Bureau Activities

October 2015

22ACA Applauds Eshoo-Walden Broadband Conduit Deployment Bill
15ACA: Charter Tie Up With TWC & Bright House Against Public Interest Without Effective Conditions
13ACA Tells FCC Not To Act On Downloadable Security Report
13ACA Urges FCC To Adopt Order Preventing Increases In Pole Attachment Fees For Cable ISPs
8ACA Supports CTIA’s Request That FCC Not Overstep Its Authority In Imposing New Privacy Requirements
6ACA Joins With ISP Petitioners In Brief Asking Federal Court To Overturn FCC’s Open Internet Order
1ACA: Fundamental Lifeline Reforms Needed As Broadband Becomes A Supported Service

September 2015

28ACA, NCTA Intend To Support The FCC In Effective Competition Court Challenge Brought By NAB And LFAs
2ACA: FCC's Reform Of Lifeline Program Should Encourage Participation By Wireline Voice And Broadband Providers
2ACA Applauds FCC For Launching Review Of Broken Retransmission Consent Rules

August 2015

31ACA To FCC: Protect Access To Traditionally Offered Out-of-Market TV Signals Along With Sunset Of Broadcast Exclusivity Rules
24ACA To FCC: Small Systems Keep Closing, Pressured By Excessive And Rising Programming Costs
12ACA: FCC Rules Providing Visually Impaired With Emergency Information Must Be Reasonable
6ACA Calls On FCC To Retain Enhanced Transparency Rule Exemption For Smaller ISPs

July 2015

27American Cable Praises Commissioner Clyburn On Call For Program Access Reform After AT&T-DirecTV Approval
24American Cable Calls On FCC To Lessen Paperwork Burdens On Small And Medium-Sized ISPs
22Protections For Consumers And Competition Missing From FCC Chairman’s AT&T-DirecTV Approval Plan
22Respected Wall Street Analyst Supports ACA On Rising Programming Costs As A Threat To Broadband Investment
15ACA Condemns Media General’s All-Star Game Blackout Of Mediacom Customers
7ACA: FCC Needs To Boost DBS Regulatory Fees
7ACA Supports Mediacom On Need For FCC Reform Of Retransmission Consent
7ACA Disappointed FCC's Unwilling To Stop New AT&T-DirecTV From Charging Higher Prices For Regional Sports Networks
7ACA Statement On Passing Of Glenn Jones
1ACA: AT&T-DirecTV Actions In Houston Justify Strict Merger Conditions

June 2015

23ACA: Dish, DirecTV Need To Pay Equitable Share Of FCC Regulatory Fees
18ACA Chairman Gessner Thanks FCC Chairman Wheeler For CSRIC Reappointment
16ACA: TV Stations' Real Problem Is With Retransmission Consent, Not With Multichannel Video Programming Distributors
11ACA Commends FCC For Extending HD Carriage Exemption For Smallest Cable Systems
11ACA Pleased D.C. Circuit Granted Expedited Review Of FCC’s Title II Broadband Regulations
5ACA Urges FCC To Curb Rise In Pole Fees Tied To Broadband Reclassification
3ACA Applauds FCC’s Finding Cable Systems Face Effective Competition
2ACA Supports Close Dialogue With Federal Government On Cybersecurity

May 2015

26ACA Commends FCC For Supporting Most Vulnerable Small Operators On Pass Through Of Emergency Information
22ACA Commends FCC For Ensuring DBS Regulatory Fees Will Support Media Bureau
21ACA Congratulates FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel On Her Renomination By President Obama
13ACA Urges D.C. Circuit To Stay FCC's Title II Mandates
1ACA, NCTA Petition FCC To Stay Its Decision To Impose Utility Style Regulation On Broadband Internet Services

April 2015

29ACA Urges FCC To Retain Small System HD Exemption For Broadcast Stations
27ACA Supports The Need For Greater Pay-TV Choices
24With Comcast-TWC Rejected, ACA Urges FCC To Complete Program Access, Retransmission Consent Rulemakings
21ACA: FCC Should Adopt Plan Finding Cable Faces Effective Competition
14ACA Asks Court To Reject FCC’s Classification Of Broadband ISPs As Title II Providers
13ACA Agrees With FCC: Cable Operators Are Subject To Effective Competition
7ACA To FCC: Use Sec. 706 To Curb Surging Programming Costs Inhibiting Broadband Investment
3ACA Commends FCC For Recognizing Cable’s Right To Participate In Online Video Market

March 2015

18ACA Praises New Cybersecurity Report As Helpful Development In Managing Nation’s Cyber Threats
9ACA: Rising Video Programming Costs A Drag On Broadband Deployment
6ACA’s Reform Agenda Takes Center Stage At D.C. Summit
5Impact Of Title II Debated At ACA Summit
4ACA Leaders Kick Off 22nd D.C. Summit Seeing Opportunities in Challenging Environment
4ACA Summit Panel Debates Big Pay TV Mergers
4Rep. Walden Decries FCC’s Title II Move

February 2015

27Top Wheeler Aide Gigi Sohn To Address ACA Summit
26ACA: FCC’s Title II Regs Will Hurt Smaller ISPs And Their Users
24Municipal Broadband ISPs Strongly Support ACA’s Open Internet Proposal
23House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise To Address ACA Summit
18Nation’s Tiniest ISPs Seek Title II Relief
17ACA Summit To Feature Panel On Net Neutrality
11ACA’s Municipal Broadband Members Urge FCC To Provide Relief From Title II Burdens
10ACA Commends Sen. Heller On Introduction Of FCC Process Reform Bill
5House Commerce Leaders, Reps. Bob Latta And Peter Welch, To Appear Together At ACA Summit
4In FCC Meetings, ACA Members Ask For Relief From Title II Burdens
4ACA: FCC Chairman's Title II Regs Unwarranted and Harmful To Smaller ISPs And Their Customers

January 2015

30ACA Asks FCC To Extend HD Must-Carry Exemption
27ACA Asks FCC To Exempt Smaller ISPs From Enhanced Open Internet Transparency Rules
22Rep. Greg Walden To Speak At ACA Summit 2015
21ACA Asks FCC To Prevent Pole Fee Hikes For Cable Broadband Providers Under Title II
16ACA Commends Capitol Hill Lawmakers For Starting Discussion On Appropriate Rules For The Internet
14ACA Commends President Obama For Highlighting Achievements Of Independent Broadband Providers
13ACA: FCC Must Avoid Burdening Smaller Broadband ISPs With Title II Regs
7ACA: FCC Must Impose Targeted Conditions To Address Harms Of AT&T-DirecTV Deal
5ACA Urges Court To Allow Third Parties To Access Merger-Related Programming Deals

December 2014

30ACA Urges FCC To Equalize Regulatory Fees For Cable, DirecTV And DISH
24ACA Calls On FCC To Impose Comcast-Time Warner-Charter Conditions That Work For Independent Cable
11ACA Commends FCC On Vote Updating CAF II Rules
9ACA Members Provisionally Selected For FCC Funding Of Rural Broadband Experiments
4ACA Summit 2015 Opens Website With Registration Forms, Event Details

November 2014

20ACA Applauds Final Passage Of STELAR With Pro-Consumer Retransmission Consent And CableCARD Reforms
19ACA Commends U.S. Rep. Pallone On His Election As Ranking Member On The House Energy & Commerce Committee
19ACA Applauds House Passage Of New STELA Bill
18ACA: FCC's Rural Broadband Experiments Reveal Strong Interest In Rural Broadband Projects
10ACA To FCC: Don’t Abandon Light-Touch Policy For Smaller Broadband Internet Access Providers

October 2014

28ACA Hopeful FCC Will Do More Than Help OTT Providers
17ACA To CBS: Don’t Cable TV Subscribers Deserve Same Rights As ‘CBS All Access’ Customers?
9ACA Congratulates Commissioner O’Rielly On His Nomination To A New Term At The FCC
3ACA Supports Initiation Of FCC Rulemaking On Programmer Abuses Alleged By Mediacom

September 2014

30ACA: Access To Programming Contracts Vital To Transparent FCC Merger Review
25ACA Blasts Comcast’s Assault On TWC Merger Critics
22ACA: Pay-TV Rates Will Rise Without Strong FCC Conditions On AT&T-DirecTV Deal
17ACA Urges FCC To Embrace Balanced Open Internet Approach
17ACA Commends Senate Commerce Committee Passage of STAVRA
15American Cable Association Statement On Latest STAVRA Draft Bill
10ACA Pleased As Local Choice Debate Turns Serious
5ACA Statement On Local Choice Provisions In Senate Draft STAVRA Bill
2ACA Praises FCC For Expanding Regulatory Fee Relief For Smallest Cable Operators

August 2014

27ACA To FCC: Comcast-Time Warner Cable-Charter Deal Will Drive Up Pay-TV Bills

July 2014

30ACA Commends FCC Chairman Wheeler For Monitoring Dispute Over Distribution Of L.A. Dodgers-Owned Regional Sports Network
23ACA Commends Mediacom For Asking FCC To Curb Programmer Abuses
22 ACA Calls On FCC To Adopt Balanced Open Internet Rules
22ACA Applauds House Passage Of STELAR Bill
15ACA Condemns Sinclair TV's 212-Day Blackout Of Buckeye CableSystem Customers
10ACA Commends House Judiciary STELA Bill For Retaining Cable’s Out-of-Market TV License
9ACA Urges FCC To Require DBS To Pay Fair Share Of FCC Regulatory Fees
9ACA: Consumers Want Retrans Reform, Not TV Station Mudslinging

June 2014

30ACA Asks FCC To Better Ensure Consumers Have Continued Access To Out-Of-Market Broadcast Signals
25American Cable Association Disappointed With Supreme Court Ruling In Aereo Case
24ACA Seeks Program Access Conditions For AT&T-DirecTV Transaction
11ACA Statement On Passing Of Glenn Britt
10ACA Pleased Senate STELA Bill Protects Cable License

May 2014

19ACA Troubled By Consolidation Wave In Pay-TV Market
12ACA Urges Congress To Retain Cable Compulsory Copyright License
9ACA: Comcast-Time Warner-Charter Deal Threatens Consumers, Competition
7ACA Praises House Energy & Commerce Committee Leaders For Their Pro-Consumer STELA Compromise Bill

April 2014

10ACA’s Polka Announces Staff Promotion
7ACA's 21st D.C. Summit: Independent Cable Advances Reform Agenda, Shows Support For Innovators Like Aereo
4ACA Summit: Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia Says Supreme Court Case Not A Copyright Case, But A Business Model Case
4ACA Commends U.S. Small Business Administration For Supporting Adjustments To FCC Program Access Rules
3ACA Summit: Rep. Anna G. Eshoo Calls Retransmission Consent Fees “A Racket”
3ACA Summit: Rep. Peter Welch Concerned About High Cost Of TV Sports Programming
2ACA Chairwoman Abdoulah Outlines Group’s Proposals For Reforming Retrans In 2014
2ACA’s Polka Says Independent Cable’s Combined Value Significant And Growing
2 ACA Urges Supreme Court To Affirm Right To Watch Free Over-The-Air Broadcasts
2ACA Summit: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Says Collusive Retransmission Practices Were “Perverting” Congressional Intent

March 2014

31ACA Hails FCC For Barring Broadcaster Collusion
27ACA: NAB, TVFreedom Interested In Slander, Not Facts
25ACA Statement On House Subcommittee Passage Of STELA
24Smaller Cable Companies, Larger Programmers Have Long Benefited From Buying Groups Like NCTC
21Broadband Experts To Discuss Big Online Trends At ACA’s 21st Annual Washington Summit
20Rep. Anna G. Eshoo To Offer Capitol Hill Insights At ACA’s 21st Annual Washington Summit
18Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia To Speak April 2 At ACA’s 21st Annual Washington Summit
18Rep. Peter Welch To Speak April 2 At ACA’s 21st Annual Washington Summit
6ACA Praises FCC Chairman Wheeler On His Plan To Stop TV Station Retransmission Consent Collusion

February 2014

24ACA Commends Rep. Dingell For Selfless Devotion To The Public Interest
19ACA Statement On FCC’s New Open Internet Initiative
13ACA To FCC: Finish Program Access Rules Update Before Reviewing New Comcast Merger

January 2014

30ACA Commends Rep. Waxman On His Distinguished Career On Capitol Hill
27FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler To Speak At ACA’s 21st Annual Washington Summit, 2014
14ACA Statement On Open Internet Court Decision
9ACA: FCC’s Special Access Data Collection Violates Paperwork Reduction Act

December 2013

20ACA Commends DOJ Conditions On Gannett-Belo Transaction
17ACA: Sinclair's NBC Blackout Of Buckeye CableSystem In Toledo Highlights Broken Retrans Market
12 ACA Applauds Introduction Of Eshoo-Lofgren Video CHOICE Act
12ACA Commends FCC Chairman Wheeler On Thoughtful Approach To Conducting IP Trials
12ACA Commends Scalise-Gardner Video Reform Bill
6American Cable Association Opens ACA Summit 2014 Website For Event Details, Registration
4ACA Calls On FCC To Block Sinclair’s Retransmission Consent Collusion

November 2013

26ACA Wants FCC To Stop Nexstar’s TV Station Collusion In Binghamton, N.Y.
21ACA: Small Cable Must Be Compensated For Post-Auction TV Channel Relocation Costs
12ACA: Data Need To Drive Path Forward On Updating E-Rate Program
12ACA Applauds Sen. Rockefeller's Online Video Choice Bill
7American Cable Association: FCC Must Stop Sinclair's TV Station Collusion
4ACA Commends FCC Chairman Wheeler On New Staff Appointments

October 2013

31ACA Commends FCC On Taking Flexible Approach To CVAA Regulations
29ACA Salutes FCC Chairman Wheeler, Commissioner O’Rielly On Their Senate Confirmation
28ACA: FCC Must Block Sinclair’s Virtual TV Duopolies Included In Allbritton Deal
28 ACA Applauds FCC Action On Reform Of Rural Call Completion Regs
3ACA Slams Turner Broadcasting For Pulling TBS From Cable ONE As MLB Playoffs Begin

September 2013

26ACA Applauds Bipartisan Latta-Green Bill Repealing Set-Top Box Integration Ban
18ACA Members Ready To Help FCC Meet New Goals For The E-Rate Program
18ACA Seeks Set-Top Box Integration Ban Exemption For Small Cable Operators
16ACA Urges FCC To Block Or Condition Sinclair-Allbritton TV Station Deal In Two Markets
11ACA: Flip Response To Retrans Crisis From Out-Of-Touch Broadcasters Proves Eshoo Bill Needed
9ACA Applauds Rep. Eshoo's Balanced Retransmission Consent Reform Draft Bill
2ACA: With CBS' Blackout Over, Retransmission Consent Reform Should Begin

August 2013

13ACA Applauds FCC For Requiring IPTV To Pay Per-Subscriber Regulatory Fees
9ACA Calls On FCC To Affirm VoIP Interconnection Obligations
5With Massive CBS Blackout, ACA Urges Congress, FCC To Protect Consumers
2American Cable Association Statement On The FCC Nomination Of Michael O’Rielly

July 2013

31ACA Presents Prestigious Awards At 8th Independent Show
25ACA Supports Further Opening Of 5GHz Band To Next Gen WiFi
25ACA To FCC: No Proven Need For Dedicated Customer Support Related To Video Description, Emergency Info
22ACA Praises FCC’s New Video Competition Report
19ACA Commends FCC Review Of E-Rate Program
17ACA Seeks Balanced FCC Implementation Of CVAA’s Accessibility Mandates
17ACA Applauds FCC On Connect America Fund Decision
11ACA Calls On FCC To Cover VoIP Interconnection Under 251 and 252 Of Telecommunications Act

June 2013

26ACA: Copyright Office Needs To Limit Audit Burdens On Small Cable
14American Cable Association Statement On Gannett’s $2.2 Billion Purchase Of Belo’s TV Stations
13ACA Says Initial Facilities-Based LD Providers Root Of Call Completion Problems
12American Cable Association Applauds BendBroadband CEO Amy Tykeson

May 2013

31ACA: FCC Must Not Impose Reliability Rules On Providers Not Directly Serving PSAPs
22ACA Disappointed FCC Increases Investment In Flawed CAF I Program
16ACA To FCC: Focus Efforts To Improve 911 Reliability On The Failures Identified In The Derecho Report
16ACA Commends FCC On CAF II Challenge Rules
15ACA: FCC Can Address Rural Call Completion Issues Without Burdening Local Service Providers
14ACA Applauds Sen. Rockefeller’s GAO Request To Study Impact Of Collusion By TV Stations
9American Cable Association Statement On McCain Video Competition Bill
1ACA Statement On The Nomination Of Thomas Wheeler As FCC Chairman

April 2013

22American Cable Association Statement On FCC Decision To Adopt Greenfield CAF Cost Model
17ACA Applauds New Bipartisan Rural Telecommunications Working Group Within The House Energy And Commerce Committee
16ACA To FCC: Special Access Data Mandates Violate Paperwork Reduction Act
15ACA No FCC Broadband Money Into Areas Cable Is Serving
9ACA Urges The Department Of Energy To Modify Set-Top Box Testing Proposals
9ACA’s Boyers Calls For New Policies To Address Unique Challenges Faced By Independent Cable
1ACA: Areas Where Cable Provides Broadband Must Not Be Deemed Unserved And Targets Of Government Subsidies

March 2013

15ACA’s Historic 20th Washington Summit Advances Independent Cable’s Policy Goals
14ACA Chairwoman Colleen Abdoulah Pledges Trade Group’s Support For Key Communications Policy Reforms
14Rep. Markey Praises Independent Cable Operators
14Sen. Heller To ACA Summit: All-IP World Is Next Big Transition
14Sen. Blunt, Rep. Barrow Meet Independent Cable Operators
14FCC’s Pai Wants Modern FCC
14Rep. Scalise To ACA: Time For Telecom Law Reform
12ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Leads Celebration Marking Independent Cable’s 20 Years Of Progress
8ACA: Emergency Information Accessibility Regulations Need To Be Tailored By FCC
6ACA Opposes Larger Telephone Trade Association’s Suggested Process For Settling Upon Areas Eligible For Broadband Support

February 2013

27Industries Launch Campaign To Inform Parents About Media Management Tools
26ACA: FCC’s Interconnection Mandates Apply To IP Networks
26American Cable Association Statement On Cablevision’s Anti-Trust Suit Against Viacom
22Historic 20th ACA Washington Summit To Welcome Sen. Dean Heller As Speaker
21ACA Calls On FCC To Adopt Procedures To Ensure Government Subsidies Not Used Where Unfunded Broadband Providers Offer Service
18Sen. Roy Blunt To Address ACA's Historic 20th Washington Summit
14ACA Urges FCC To Reject Unsupported Efforts Of Price Cap Carriers To Modify Connect America Fund Rules
12Rep. Steve Scalise To Address ACA's 20th Washington Summit
4At Risk Of Broadcaster Retaliation, ACA Members Call On FCC To Act Now To End Coordinated Retransmission Consent Bargaining

January 2013

29ACA: FCC Should Stay The Course Regarding First Phase Of Connect America Fund Support
28ACA Provides FCC With Broadband Map Data Regarding Served Locations In Rural Markets
28ACA Urges FCC To Refrain From Imposing Costly Proof-Of-Performance Testing For Digital Signals
21ACA Calls On FCC To Modernize Rules To Provide Program Access Rights To Industry-Accepted Buying Groups
11ACA Hails Sen. Rockefeller On A Career Dedicated To The Unique Needs Of Rural America
3ACA Members To Celebrate Independent Cable's Achievements At 20th Washington Summit
3ACA: Broadcaster Blackouts, Rate Hikes Plague Small Cable Operators

December 2012

17ACA Urges FCC To Strengthen Program Access Protections For Buying Groups
13ACA's Polka Applauds Rep. Eshoo and Sen. Whitehouse As CALM Act Takes Effect

November 2012

28ACA Applauds FCC For Short Postponement Of HD Set-Top Home Networking Mandate For Small Operators
7American Cable Association Urges Action On Critical Communications Policies Now That The Election Is Over

October 2012

25ACA: ‘Broadcaster-Abused Consumers’ Affected By Tribune Co.’s World Series Blackout Of 50,000 Cablevision Customers
24ACA: FCC Needs To Inject Fairness, Progressivity Into Regulatory Fee Program
15American Cable Association Statement On FCC’s Digital Basic Tier Encryption Order
5American Cable Association Statement On 20th Anniversary Of The 1992 Cable Act
5 American Cable Association Statement On FCC’s Program Access Vote
2ACA Statement On MLB's $12.4 Billion TV Rights Deals With ESPN, Fox And TBS

September 2012

17American Cable Association Statement On FCC Action To Grant NCTA Petition To Forbear From Section 652
12ACA Urges FCC To Provide Congress With Granular Analysis Of Rise In Small Cable System Closings

August 2012

7ACA: Reform Of Discrete USF Contribution Regime Problems Affecting Smaller Providers Should Be FCC’s Priority

July 2012

26ACA Members At 7th Independent Show Optimistic Congress Will Start Tackling The Tough Issues
24At Senate Hearing, ACA Chairwoman Colleen Abdoulah Calls For Updating 20-Year-Old Cable Law
23ACA's Polka Urges Members To Stay Engaged As Congress Prepares To Overhaul Cable Act Of 1992
23ACA Vice Chairman Gessner Calls For Sustained Grassroots Action From ACA Members To Achieve Policy Goals On Capitol Hill
23Colleen Abdoulah Elected ACA Chairwoman, Robert Gessner Elected ACA Vice Chairman
23ACA Announces Winners Of Prestigious Industry Awards At 7th Annual Independent Show
23ACA Wants Federal Broadband Subsidies To Leverage Existing Plant, Stretching Taxpayer Dollars and Maximizing Network Reach
23ACA Urges FCC To Promote MVPD Competition By Closing Major Program Access Loophole
18ACA Responds To Latest NAB Attack On Pay-TV Providers That Support Retransmission Consent Reform
12American Cable Association Urges Viacom To End Blackout Of Millions Of DirecTV Customers
9ACA Calls On FCC To Lessen Burdens On Small Providers Imposed By Current USF Collection Mechanism
9ACA Urges FCC To Adopt Broadband Support Cost Model That Will Efficiently Allocate CAF Money
6ACA Statement On FCC Staff Ruling That Shentel Acted In Good Faith In Retransmission Consent Negotiations With Allbritton

June 2012

27ACA Applauds Energy & Commerce Subcommittee Leaders On Future Of Video Hearing
26American Cable Association Urges FCC To Revitalize Program Access Rules For Buying Groups
14ACA Applauds White House Efforts to Use Federal Assets to Facilitate Broadband Deployment
12American Cable Association Applauds FCC Sunset Of Viewability Rule

May 2012

15American Cable Association: Giving OVDs Separate Regulatory Status Consistent With FCC’s MVPD Definition
15ACA Asks U.S. Copyright Office To Create Streamlined Waiver For Small Cable Operators Required To Pay New Filings Fees On SOAs
7ACA Applauds Senate Confirmation Of Jessica Rosenworcel And Ajit Pai For The FCC

April 2012

24ACA Commends Sen. Rockefeller On Holding A Hearing On The Future Of Video Programming In The Internet Age
23ACA Seeks Streamlined EAS Waiver For Very Small Systems That Lack Physical Access To Broadband At The Headend
18ACA: FCC Should Deem Broadcasters’ Anticompetitive Practices Attributable Under Media Ownership Rules
5American Cable Association Statement On End Of Tribune’s Blackout Of DirecTV Consumers
3American Cable Association Commends Media Access Project’s Dedication To Promoting The Public Interest
2ACA: Tribune's Blackout Of DirecTV Supports Need For Action By Congress, FCC On Retransmission Consent Reform

March 2012

29ACA: New Dodgers Owners Must Expect Higher TV Sports Rights Fees To Justify Record Price For Club
26American Cable Association Urges Retention of HD Carriage Exemption for 'Must Carry' Broadcasters
21American Cable Association Commends FCC's Policy Focus In Cable Program Access NPRM
16Independent Cable Celebrates Achievements At American Cable Association's 19th Washington Summit
16American Cable Association Announces Appointment Of Three New Board Members
15FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski Discusses Key Policy Topics At ACA’s 19th Washington Summit
15At ACA Summit, U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor Urges U.S. To Invest In Rural Broadband Infrastructure
14Kicking Off ACA’s 19th Washington Summit, ACA Chairwoman Colleen Abdoulah Calls For Modernized Retransmission Consent Rules
6ACA Documents Decreasing Competition Among Local Broadcasters

February 2012

22American Cable Association Issues Statement On FCC Chairman Genachowski’s Remarks About Cybersecurity
17ACA Urges FCC To Withhold CAF Support From Price Cap Incumbents In All Areas Where They Face Competition
16ACA Summit 2012 To Feature Conversation With FCC Chairman Genachowski
10ACA Seeks Rejection Of Telco-Sought Modifications That Would Skew FCC’s Broadband Support Program

January 2012

31U.S. Senator Mark Pryor To Address ACA’s 19th Annual Summit In Washington, D.C.
19ACA Embraces FCC’s Competitive Bidding Proposals As Most Efficient Means Of Disbursing Broadband Support In High-Cost Areas
18ACA Urges Disclosure of Agreements Designed to Coordinate Retrans Negotiations Among Separately Owned Same-Market TV Stations
13ACA Urges FCC To Reject Calls To Expand Scope Of Program Carriage Rules To Include Cable Companies That Do Not Own Programming
12American Cable Association Concerned FCC’s Latest EAS Rules Could Force The Premature Shutdown Of Some Small Cable Systems
10ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Issues Statement In Support Of Shentel In Dispute With Allbritton Communications

December 2011

27ACA Calls On FCC To Require Greater Transparency From TV Stations That Coordinate Retransmission Consent Negotiations
23American Cable Association Commends FCC For Reviewing Coordinated Retransmission Consent Negotiations By Broadcasters
22ACA President Responds To Smaller TV Stations' Acknowledgement And Defense of Price Fixing
16ACA's Polka Commends Communications Reform Legislation Unveiled By Sen. Jim DeMint and Rep. Steve Scalise
15ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Says New NFL Deals With NBC, CBS And FOX Amount To Roughing The Consumer
14ACA Urges FCC To Craft Basic Tier Encryption Rules That Do Not Disadvantage Smaller Cable Operators
13American Cable Association President & CEO Matthew M. Polka On Adoption Of CALM Act Regulations
7ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Salutes Commissioner Michael Copps On His Decade Of Achievement At The FCC

November 2011

29ACA Urges FCC To Uphold Congressional Intent By Excluding Independent Cable From Program Carriage Rules
29ACA Supports FCC Proposal To Permit Basic Tier Encryption For All-Digital Cable Providers On A Voluntary Basis
28ACA's Polka Praises FCC For Warning TV Stations About Tenuous Legality Of Practices Conducted Under Shared Services Agreements
17ACA Blasts Raycom’s Shared Services Agreement With Belo To Control Three Tucson Stations, Including Fox And CBS Affiliates
10American Cable Association President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Comments On Results Of First National EAS Test
3ACA Supports FCC’s View That Its Antenna Registration Program Won’t Cause Nationally Significant Impact On Natural Resources
2ACA Recommends Limiting IP Closed Captioning Rules To Over-The-Top Video Programming Distributors That Rely On The Internet
1ACA President and CEO Matthew M. Polka Salutes Nominations Of Jessica Rosenworcel and Ajit Pai To Serve On The FCC

October 2011

27ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Applauds FCC For Historic Vote To Reform Universal Service Fund
20ACA Urges FCC To Limit New Closed Captioning Framework To Only Online Video Programming Providers And Distributors
17ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Comments On LIN TV's Decision To End Its Six-Week Blackout of Mediacom
11ACA Calls For Creation Of Expert Group To Craft Voluntary Network Outage Rules In Lieu Of FCC Action
6ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Troubled By Chairman Genachowski's Plan For Reform Of USF
4ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Comments On NAB’s Retransmission Consent Letter To The FCC
3ACA Urges FCC To Prevent Public and Private Gatekeepers From Delaying Or Impeding Access To Broadband Rights Of Way

September 2011

21ACA Calls On FCC To Promote Telecommunications Competition By Removing Regulatory Barriers To Cable-CLEC Combinations
16ACA's Polka Applauds FCC For Taking Additional Time To Develop Final Common Alert Protocol (CAP) Regulations
12ACA Highlights Problems With Regional Sports Networks Owned By Competing Distributors
9ACA President and CEO Matthew M. Polka Says ESPN's New NFL Deal Hurts All Pay-TV Consumers
7ACA Seeks Fiscally Sound, Competitively Neutral Universal Service Fund For The Broadband Age
2 ACA: Best To Bring Your Calculator When Broadcasters Demo Their Fuzzy Math Skills

August 2011

31ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Blasts LIN TV's Blackout Of Mediacom Cable Customers
30ACA President CEO Matthew M. Polka Comments On U.S. Copyright Office's Section 302 Report
24ACA Urges FCC To Reject Universal Service Fund Reforms Proposed By Large Phone Carriers
22ACA Calls On FCC To Eliminate Barriers Hindering Mergers Between Cable Operators and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers
15ACA Statement On Google's Proposed Acquisition Of Motorola Mobility
9ACA Urges FCC To Use Light Touch In Imposing Outage Reporting Requirements
3ACA CEO - Nexstar Suit Helps ACA Make Case On Broadcaster Collusion In Retransmission Consent Negotiations
1ACA Urges FCC To Recognize CALM Act's Circumscribed Reach Over Cable Operators Not Inserting Own Commercials

July 2011

29ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Comments On New USF Proposals But Reserves Final Judgment While Awaiting Details
26ACA Chairman Steve Friedman Calls On FCC To Adopt New Retransmission Consent Rules In Time For Fall Negotiations
26ACA: Nexstar Lawsuit Underscores Need for the FCC to Curb Formation of Price-Gouging TV Station Duopolies and Triopolies
21ACA Asks FCC To Clarify EAS Rules and Postpone CAP Mandates Until Agency Provides Clear Guidance To Operators
21ACA Disappointed In FCC Ruling To Allow One Company To Control Retrans Rights Of ABC, NBC and FOX Stations In Topeka
11ACA Urges FCC To Implement CALM Act By Refraining From Imposing Undue Cost Burdens On Independent Cable Firms

June 2011

30ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Commends The FCC For Clarifying Open Internet Disclosure Requirements For Smaller Broadband
9ACA Calls On FCC To Recognize Rampant Price Discrimination Against Independent Cable In New Competition Report To Congress
8ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Commends Senate Commerce Committee Passage of the Public Safety Spectrum Legislation

May 2011

31 ACA Seeks Retransmission Consent Rules Outlawing Broadcasters’ Price-Fixing and Other Practices Harmful To Consumers
27ACA Seeks Changes From FCC To Proposed Video Description Rules
27Rural TV Groups Call For Retention Of Cable Compulsory License To Promote Cost-Efficient Consumer Access To TV Signals
26ACA Calls On FCC To Fashion Broadband Speed Guide After USDA Food Pyramid
24ACA Calls On The FCC To Modernize Universal Service For The Broadband Age
24ACA Urges Federal Communications Commission To Hold Cable Harmless In Effort To Repurpose Broadcast Spectrum
13ACA Officials Colleen Abdoulah and Matthew M. Polka Salute Sen. Herb Kohl’s Legacy As An Outstanding Advocate For Consumers

April 2011

26Rural MVPDs Support Retention of Cable Compulsory License for Broadcast Signals to Prevent Needless Cost and Disruption
19ACA Urges FCC to Create Fiscally Responsible and Competitively Neutral Reforms in New Broadband USF Program
13ACA Summit Concludes On A High Note With Update From House Communications and Technology Subcommittee Chairman Greg Walden
12In ACA Summit Speech, CEO Matthew M. Polka Highlights ACA’s Advocacy Expansion To Serve Members’ Growing Lines of Business
12FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn Vows To Protect Consumers If Evidence Shows Malfunctioning Retransmission Consent Market
8 ACA Presses FCC To Block The Topeka Triopoly

March 2011

30Statement Of ACA Affirming Major Concern About Triopoly Retrans Power After Sale Of ABC Affiliate
29ACA Unveils Government Panelists For Group's 18th Annual Summit In Washington, D.C.
17ACA Seeks Retransmission Consent Condition On Sale Of ABC Affiliate In Topeka, Kansas
9House Communications and Technology Subcommittee Chairman Rep. Greg Walden To Address ACA's 18th Annual Summit In Washington D.C
3ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Comments On FCC's Decision To Review Broken Retransmission Consent Rules

February 2011

24American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka Comments On Full Channel TV’s Letter To FCC Chairman Genachowski
15ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Applauds Passage Of NARUC Resolution On Fair And Non-Discriminatory Access To Video Content
8American Cable Association President & CEO Matthew M. Polka On FCC Reform Of Universal Service Fund

January 2011

20ACA Congratulates Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) On Her Election As Top Democrat On The House Communications & Technology Panel
18ACA Commends FCC For Protecting Consumers And Competition In Comcast-NBC Universal License Transfer Order

December 2010

21American Cable Association President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Comments On FCC's Net Neutrality Ruling
17American Cable Association President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Responds To Sen. Kerry’s Letter To The FCC And Department Of Justice
8American Cable Association President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Applauds FCC’s Intention To Open Retransmission Consent Rulemaking
7ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Commends Rep. Waxman’s Letter To FCC Chairman Genachowski On Comcast-NBCU Merger Conditions

November 2010

22ACA Comments On FCC Ruling Against Massillon Cable TV And Its Relevance To The Comcast-NBC Universal Transaction
17American Cable Association President & CEO Matthew M. Polka On Sen. John Kerry’s Hearing On Retransmission Consent Reform
16American Cable Association President & CEO Matthew M. Polka On Comcast’s Latest Attempt To Justify NBC Universal Deal
16American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka On Sen. Sanders’s Letter To FCC On Comcast-NBCU Merger
8New Economic Study Reveals Comcast-NBCU's Control Of 'Must Have' Content Will Cost An Extra $2.4 Billion Over Nine Years
3American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka Issues Statement On Rep. Rick Boucher (D-Va.)

October 2010

31American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka Responds To Fox-Cablevision Agreement
28American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka Calls Fox’s Offer To Cablevision A Sham
27ACA President and CEO Matthew M. Polka Supports Cablevision’s Call For Binding Arbitration With Bad Actor Fox
22American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka On The FCC’s Response To Fox’s Ongoing Boycott Of Cablevision
20ACA President and CEO Matthew M. Polka Commends FCC Commissioner Copps On His Retransmission Consent Statement
18American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka On Day Three of Fox’s Boycott Of 3 Million Cablevision Customers
16American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka On Fox Pulling TV Signals From 3 Million Cablevision Customers
14ACA Commends FCC For Responding To Independent Cable's Call To Reform Set-Top Box Rules

August 2010

19ACA Unveils Transaction-Specific Comcast-NBCU Merger Conditions To Protect Consumers and Competition
17ACA Supports FCC Effort To Promote Broadband Through Modernized Pole Attachment Regulations
13ACA: FCC's "Third Way" Broadband Policy Could Expose Small Providers To Much Higher Pole Fees, Greater State And Local Taxation

July 2010

26ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Says Small Cable Unity Essential To Prevail In Tough Business, Regulatory Climate
26ACA Chairman Friedman Sets Goal Of Ending Big Media Price Discrimination Against Small Cable Customers
21ACA Asserts Confidential Comcast-NBCU Documents Given FCC Reinforce Concerns With Transaction
16ACA Tells FCC “Third Way” Reclassification Prohibited Without First Accounting For The Burdens On Smaller Broadband Providers
15ACA Urges FCC To Progress Cautiously In Finding CableCARD Successor
13WOW! President & CEO Colleen Abdoulah Calls For Imposition Of Pro-Consumer Conditions On Comcast-NBCU Merger
12ACA Supports Creation Of FCC Connect America Fund For Broadband Infrastructure
9ACA Urges FCC To Study the Impact of Broadcasters’ Collusion On Competition, Diversity, And Localism in Local Broadcast Markets

June 2010

16ACA Urges Adoption Of Set-Top Box Rules By FCC To Promote Digital Revolution In Rural America
4ACA Statement On Need For Government Probe Of Local TV Price Fixing

May 2010

26ACA Statement On Sen. Kohl’s Letter About The Comcast-NBCU Merger
24ACA Statement On Chairmen’s Announcement To Update The Communications Act
20ACA Statement On FCC Action To Promote Timely And Affordable Access To Utility Poles
19ACA Calls On The FCC To Halt Broadcasters From Charging Discriminatory Fees & Forming Local Pacts To Collude On Prices

April 2010

27ACA Chairman Steve Friedman Recommends Broadband Policy Reforms Before Senate Small Business Committee
21ACA Statement On The FCC’s Proposed HD Set-Top Box Exemption
21Independent Cable Pledges To Keep Rural America In The Broadband Vanguard

March 2010

11Colleen Abdoulah, President & CEO Of WOW!, Warns That Comcast-NBC Universal Will Have Power To Harm Consumers, Competition

January 2010

25American Cable Association Statement On The Passing Of Former FCC Commissioner James H. Quello
15 ACA Proposes Net Neutrality Regime That Protects Consumers, Promotes Country's Digital Future
8ACA Urges FCC To Reform USF While Keeping Special Needs Of Small Voice Providers In Mind
7ACA, Diverse Partners Urge Regulators To Impose Conditions On Comcast-NBC Universal Deal

December 2009

23ACA Calls on the FCC to Give Relief to Small Operators as Part of Its Set-Top Box Proceeding
8ACA Unveils An Innovative Plan To Reform, Modernize The Universal Service Fund, Saving Billions Of Dollars
3ACA Urges Regulators To Scrutinize The Comcast-NBCU Transaction To Protect Consumers From Price Gouging, Limitations On Choice

November 2009

30ACA Supports Time Warner Cable's "Get Tough" Campaign On Rising Programming Costs
17ACA Statement On House Small Business Committee Letter to NTIA, RUS On Broadband Stimulus Program

October 2009

26ACA To FCC: Ensuring Unfettered Consumer Access To Internet Content Means Restricting Closed Internet Models Like ESPN360
8ACA Applauds House Members For Addressing Small Operators' Concerns About Bill On Loudness Of TV Ads
7ACA's Polka Requests Parity Between DBS And Cable If New Broadcast Carriage Rules Emerge

September 2009

28ACA Urges FCC To Reject Power Companies' Bid To Hike Pole Attachment Fees
21ACA Urges FCC To Examine Content Neutrality
17ACA Members Seek $1.3 Billion In Broadband Stimulus Funding
16ACA Comments On Passage of Satellite Legislation In House Judiciary Committee
8ACA Agrees With Hassett, Shapiro That Consumption-Based Billing Promotes Universal Broadband
1ACA To FCC - Stop the Broadcasters and Media Conglomerates’ Abuse Of Small Ops

August 2009

28PROJECT WRONGWAY: ACA Warns That A&E's Takeover Of Lifetime Will Produce Higher Cable Rates and Less Channel Choice
25 ACA Applauds FCC Decision To Grant More Digital Set-Top Box Waivers

July 2009

30ACA Members Express Strong Interest In Obama Administration's Broadband Stimulus Program
30With Evidence of Market Failure All Around, ACA Calls For A Retransmission Consent Investigation By The FCC
27ACA Chairman Steve Friedman Outlines Policy Vision For Small Cable
22ACA Urges FCC To Take Active Role In Funding Middle-Mile Broadband Required To Service Small Cable Providers
21ACA Commends FCC Commissioner McDowell On Regulatory Fee Reform
14ACA Applauds House Introduction Of Local Television Freedom Act
7ACA Lauds Adelstein On RUS Plan For Awarding Broadband Billions
1ACA Praises Obama Administration For Affirming Vital Need For Funding Middle-Mile Projects With Broadband Stimulus Money

June 2009

30ACA Statement On Certain Public Interest Groups’ Petition To Overturn The FCC’s Evolution Broadband Set Top Box Waiver
25ACA Comment On FCC Nomination of Meredith Attwell Baker
17ACA Statement On The Introduction Of The Broadband Internet Fairness Act
16ACA Criticizes Influential Wall Street Analyst On Broadband Pricing
15ACA Comments On FCC Ruling To Free News Corp.
9ACA Calls On FCC To Protect Low-Cost Broadband Packages
5ACA Asks FCC To Freeze Small Cable's Regulatory Fees
3ACA Congratulates Commissioner McDowell On FCC Nomination
2ACA Applauds FCC For Issuing Set-Top Box Waivers

May 2009

28ACA Salutes FCC For Issuing HD Set-Top Box Waiver To Small Cable System

April 2009

28ACA CEOs Focus On Change In Washington, D.C.
14ACA Makes Key Broadband Funding Policy Recommendations to RUS, NTIA & FCC
3ACA President and CEO Matthew M. Polka to Appear on C-SPAN'S "The Communicators"

March 2009

27ACA Applauds Strickling Nomination as NTIA Leader
26ACA: Small, Mid-Sized Cable Operators are Key to Rural Broadband Strategy
20ACA Congratulates Jonathan Adelstein on RUS Administrator Nomination
16ACA Urges FCC To Modify Industry Survey Rules for Small Cable
10Statement of ACA President/CEO Matt Polka on NTIA, RUS, FCC Joint Forum On Allocating $7.2 billion In Broadband Grants and Loans
3Statement of ACA President/CEO Matthew M. Polka on the Appointment of Julius Genachowski as Chairman of the FCC

February 2009

23FCC Offers Short Extension as Form 477 Reporting Deadline Nears
18“70/70” Reporting Places Significant Burdens on Smaller Systems
17Stimulus Grants to Help Connect Main Street America
11ACA Requests Short Extension Following OMB and FCC Delays
9Independent Cable Holds the Answer to Broadband Divide

January 2009

23Commissioner Copps to Assume FCC Chair in the Interim
13Genachowski Selected to Lead Federal Communications Commission
8Congressman Boucher to Head Critical Communications Subcommittee

December 2008

31ACA Demands Viacom Pull Alarming Inaccurate Crawl Immediately
2Broadband Coalition Calls for National Broadband Strategy
1ACA Supports Waiver for Low Cost HD Boxes

November 2008

25Rural Operators Counter News Corp.’s Relief Request
14Broadcast Carriage Disputes Threaten Digital Television Transition
11FCC Chairman To Open Up Quiet Period For Comment

October 2008

29ACA Calls for Level Playing Field with FCC Regulatory Fees
28Market Abuse Evidence Mounting as FCC Considers New Wholesale Programming Rules
17ACA Calls on Commission to Restore Balance to Retrans Market
9Uptick in DTV Coupon Requests Occurring in Markets with Station Blackouts says NTIA

September 2008

25Retransmission Consent Complaints Demonstrate Continuing Broadcaster Abuse Of Independent Cable Operators And Consumers
18Broadcasters Again Tout Dramatic Rise in Retransmission Consent Revenue
16ACA Opposes Changes in Copyright Royalties for Digital Signals
16Prompt Adoption of Retransmission Consent "Quiet Period" Needed to Protect Consumers, ACA Says
4ACA Commends FCC Adoption of Digital Must Carry Exemption

August 2008

12American Cable Association Responds to NAB Retransmission Consent "Quiet Period" Proposal

July 2008

282008 is a Year of Progress and Potential for ACA and Independent Cable Industry
21ACA to FCC: Independent Cable Plays Vital Role in Delivering Broadband to Rural Communities
14Independent Cable Operators Unite to Address Issues of Cost, Choice, and Customer Service
10FCC Leased Access Reporting Requirement Struck Down By OMB
8Quiet Period for Retransmission Consent Needed During Digital Transition
8Too Little Relief for Too Little Operators

June 2008

30FCC's DTV Consumer Education Initiative Should Include Reasonable Exemption
23FCC Finds Verizon Retention Practices Illegal
12Retransmission Consent Practices Cut Off Communities From Local Weather News
9ACA Alerts Congress that Upcoming Retransmission Consent Negotiations Could Cause Consumer Confusion Surrounding DTV Transition
5Independent Cable Operators and Independent Programmers Team Up to Fight Against Program Tying

May 2008

30ACA Urges FCC to Limit Regulatory Fee Red Tape for Smallest Operators
28New Leased Access Reporting Requirements for Small Operators Draws Objection of American Cable Association
19Market Abuse Disrupts Television Service in Rural Upstate New York, Draws Attention of Independent Cable and FCC
16Independent Cable Operators Question News Corp.'s Suffering Claims at FCC Amidst 'Big Gains'
15Farm Bill Refocuses Attention and Funding on Broadband Deployment to Unserved Communities
7Independent Cable Urges House Small Business Committee to Ensure Service for Customers
1Letter to FCC on Verizon Customer Retention Practices
1News Corp. Blatantly Manipulating Commission Process

April 2008

22Higher Fees for Cable Broadband Will Slow Deployment
16Verizon Continues to Operate in Gray Area of Customer Information Use Rules-- For Now
9Congressman Doyle Stresses Importance of Independent Cable's Role in Universal Broadband Strategy and DTV Transition
8FCC Chairman to Push for Digital Must Carry Relief for Small Cable Systems
7Independent Cable Calls Foul on Broadcaster Abuse of Market Power
3ACA Tells News Corp. a Deal's a Deal

March 2008

20FCC Extends Digital Carriage Deadline for Satellite TV; Small & Independent Cable Must Be Next
17Small Cable Presses Need for DTV Relief
17Harm of Retransmission Consent Topic of Discussion at Cable Show
5Small Cable Operators Need DTV Exemptions
5ACA Statement on Competition in the Sports Programming Marketplace

February 2008

26ACA Comments on Liberty Media / DirecTV Merger
19Independent Cable Rallies to Fight Discrimination at Hands of Broadcasters and Programmers
14Congressman Mike Doyle to Address ACA Members
12Smaller, Independent Cable to FCC: Put Consumers First
7Cable Dual-Carriage Requirements Will Hurt Consumers

January 2008

4Smaller Cable Operators Focus on More Choices for Consumers in FCC Filing

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