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Press Releases

January 2017

25ACA Opposes TV Stations Effort To Relax FCC Ownership Rules

August 2016

25ACA Applauds FCC For Closing Local TV Station Ownership Loophole

July 2016

14ACA Appalled FCC Won’t Confront Broadcasters’ Retransmission Consent Abuse

April 2016

20ACA Urges FCC To Act Now To Eliminate Barriers To Program Diversity In The MVPD Market

January 2016

15ACA: FCC Should Protect Consumers Harmed By Broadcasters’ Bad Faith

September 2015

2ACA Applauds FCC For Launching Review Of Broken Retransmission Consent Rules

August 2015

31ACA To FCC: Protect Access To Traditionally Offered Out-of-Market TV Signals Along With Sunset Of Broadcast Exclusivity Rules

July 2015

15ACA Condemns Media General’s All-Star Game Blackout Of Mediacom Customers
7ACA Supports Mediacom On Need For FCC Reform Of Retransmission Consent

June 2015

16ACA: TV Stations' Real Problem Is With Retransmission Consent, Not With Multichannel Video Programming Distributors

October 2014

17ACA To CBS: Don’t Cable TV Subscribers Deserve Same Rights As ‘CBS All Access’ Customers?
3ACA Supports Initiation Of FCC Rulemaking On Programmer Abuses Alleged By Mediacom

September 2014

17ACA Commends Senate Commerce Committee Passage of STAVRA
15American Cable Association Statement On Latest STAVRA Draft Bill
10ACA Pleased As Local Choice Debate Turns Serious

July 2014

9ACA: Consumers Want Retrans Reform, Not TV Station Mudslinging

June 2014

30ACA Asks FCC To Better Ensure Consumers Have Continued Access To Out-Of-Market Broadcast Signals

May 2014

7ACA Praises House Energy & Commerce Committee Leaders For Their Pro-Consumer STELA Compromise Bill

April 2014

4ACA Summit: Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia Says Supreme Court Case Not A Copyright Case, But A Business Model Case
3ACA Summit: Rep. Anna G. Eshoo Calls Retransmission Consent Fees “A Racket”
2ACA Summit: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Says Collusive Retransmission Practices Were “Perverting” Congressional Intent

March 2014

31ACA Hails FCC For Barring Broadcaster Collusion
25ACA Statement On House Subcommittee Passage Of STELA
6ACA Praises FCC Chairman Wheeler On His Plan To Stop TV Station Retransmission Consent Collusion

February 2014

21ACA Applauds DOJ For Expressing Its Views On The Coordinated Sale Of Advertising And Retransmission Consent

December 2013

20ACA Commends DOJ Conditions On Gannett-Belo Transaction
12ACA Commends Scalise-Gardner Video Reform Bill

November 2013

26ACA Wants FCC To Stop Nexstar’s TV Station Collusion In Binghamton, N.Y.
7American Cable Association: FCC Must Stop Sinclair's TV Station Collusion

October 2013

28ACA: FCC Must Block Sinclair’s Virtual TV Duopolies Included In Allbritton Deal

September 2013

16ACA Urges FCC To Block Or Condition Sinclair-Allbritton TV Station Deal In Two Markets
11ACA: Flip Response To Retrans Crisis From Out-Of-Touch Broadcasters Proves Eshoo Bill Needed
9ACA Applauds Rep. Eshoo's Balanced Retransmission Consent Reform Draft Bill
2ACA: With CBS' Blackout Over, Retransmission Consent Reform Should Begin

June 2013

14American Cable Association Statement On Gannett’s $2.2 Billion Purchase Of Belo’s TV Stations
12American Cable Association Applauds BendBroadband CEO Amy Tykeson

May 2013

14ACA Applauds Sen. Rockefeller’s GAO Request To Study Impact Of Collusion By TV Stations

February 2013

4At Risk Of Broadcaster Retaliation, ACA Members Call On FCC To Act Now To End Coordinated Retransmission Consent Bargaining

October 2012

25ACA: ‘Broadcaster-Abused Consumers’ Affected By Tribune Co.’s World Series Blackout Of 50,000 Cablevision Customers

September 2012

12ACA Urges FCC To Provide Congress With Granular Analysis Of Rise In Small Cable System Closings

July 2012

24At Senate Hearing, ACA Chairwoman Colleen Abdoulah Calls For Updating 20-Year-Old Cable Law
23ACA's Polka Urges Members To Stay Engaged As Congress Prepares To Overhaul Cable Act Of 1992
23ACA Vice Chairman Gessner Calls For Sustained Grassroots Action From ACA Members To Achieve Policy Goals On Capitol Hill
18ACA Responds To Latest NAB Attack On Pay-TV Providers That Support Retransmission Consent Reform
6ACA Statement On FCC Staff Ruling That Shentel Acted In Good Faith In Retransmission Consent Negotiations With Allbritton

June 2012

27ACA Applauds Energy & Commerce Subcommittee Leaders On Future Of Video Hearing

April 2012

24ACA Commends Sen. Rockefeller On Holding A Hearing On The Future Of Video Programming In The Internet Age
5American Cable Association Statement On End Of Tribune’s Blackout Of DirecTV Consumers

March 2012

14Kicking Off ACA’s 19th Washington Summit, ACA Chairwoman Colleen Abdoulah Calls For Modernized Retransmission Consent Rules
6ACA Documents Decreasing Competition Among Local Broadcasters

January 2012

18ACA Urges Disclosure of Agreements Designed to Coordinate Retrans Negotiations Among Separately Owned Same-Market TV Stations
10ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Issues Statement In Support Of Shentel In Dispute With Allbritton Communications

December 2011

27ACA Calls On FCC To Require Greater Transparency From TV Stations That Coordinate Retransmission Consent Negotiations
23American Cable Association Commends FCC For Reviewing Coordinated Retransmission Consent Negotiations By Broadcasters
22ACA President Responds To Smaller TV Stations' Acknowledgement And Defense of Price Fixing
16ACA's Polka Commends Communications Reform Legislation Unveiled By Sen. Jim DeMint and Rep. Steve Scalise
15ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Says New NFL Deals With NBC, CBS And FOX Amount To Roughing The Consumer

November 2011

28ACA's Polka Praises FCC For Warning TV Stations About Tenuous Legality Of Practices Conducted Under Shared Services Agreements
17ACA Blasts Raycom’s Shared Services Agreement With Belo To Control Three Tucson Stations, Including Fox And CBS Affiliates

October 2011

17ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Comments On LIN TV's Decision To End Its Six-Week Blackout of Mediacom
4ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Comments On NAB’s Retransmission Consent Letter To The FCC

September 2011

2 ACA: Best To Bring Your Calculator When Broadcasters Demo Their Fuzzy Math Skills

August 2011

31ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Blasts LIN TV's Blackout Of Mediacom Cable Customers
26ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Condemns LIN TVs Retrans Blackout Threat As Hurricane Irene Bears Down On Eastern Seaboard
3ACA CEO - Nexstar Suit Helps ACA Make Case On Broadcaster Collusion In Retransmission Consent Negotiations

July 2011

26ACA Chairman Steve Friedman Calls On FCC To Adopt New Retransmission Consent Rules In Time For Fall Negotiations
26ACA: Nexstar Lawsuit Underscores Need for the FCC to Curb Formation of Price-Gouging TV Station Duopolies and Triopolies
21ACA Disappointed In FCC Ruling To Allow One Company To Control Retrans Rights Of ABC, NBC and FOX Stations In Topeka

June 2011

9ACA Calls On FCC To Recognize Rampant Price Discrimination Against Independent Cable In New Competition Report To Congress

May 2011

31 ACA Seeks Retransmission Consent Rules Outlawing Broadcasters’ Price-Fixing and Other Practices Harmful To Consumers

April 2011

26Rural MVPDs Support Retention of Cable Compulsory License for Broadcast Signals to Prevent Needless Cost and Disruption
13ACA Summit Concludes On A High Note With Update From House Communications and Technology Subcommittee Chairman Greg Walden
12FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn Vows To Protect Consumers If Evidence Shows Malfunctioning Retransmission Consent Market
8 ACA Presses FCC To Block The Topeka Triopoly

March 2011

30Statement Of ACA Affirming Major Concern About Triopoly Retrans Power After Sale Of ABC Affiliate
17ACA Seeks Retransmission Consent Condition On Sale Of ABC Affiliate In Topeka, Kansas
3ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Comments On FCC's Decision To Review Broken Retransmission Consent Rules

February 2011

24American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka Comments On Full Channel TV’s Letter To FCC Chairman Genachowski
15ACA President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Applauds Passage Of NARUC Resolution On Fair And Non-Discriminatory Access To Video Content

December 2010

8American Cable Association President & CEO Matthew M. Polka Applauds FCC’s Intention To Open Retransmission Consent Rulemaking

November 2010

17American Cable Association President & CEO Matthew M. Polka On Sen. John Kerry’s Hearing On Retransmission Consent Reform

October 2010

31American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka Responds To Fox-Cablevision Agreement
28American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka Calls Fox’s Offer To Cablevision A Sham
27ACA President and CEO Matthew M. Polka Supports Cablevision’s Call For Binding Arbitration With Bad Actor Fox
22American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka On The FCC’s Response To Fox’s Ongoing Boycott Of Cablevision
20ACA President and CEO Matthew M. Polka Commends FCC Commissioner Copps On His Retransmission Consent Statement
19ACA President and CEO Matthew M. Polka On Retransmission Consent Reform Draft Legislation Offered by Sen. John Kerry
18American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka On Day Three of Fox’s Boycott Of 3 Million Cablevision Customers
16American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew M. Polka On Fox Pulling TV Signals From 3 Million Cablevision Customers

September 2010

2 ACA Statement On Disney-Time Warner Cable Announcement

July 2010

26ACA Chairman Friedman Sets Goal Of Ending Big Media Price Discrimination Against Small Cable Customers
9ACA Urges FCC To Study the Impact of Broadcasters’ Collusion On Competition, Diversity, And Localism in Local Broadcast Markets

June 2010

4ACA Statement On Need For Government Probe Of Local TV Price Fixing

May 2010

19ACA Calls On The FCC To Halt Broadcasters From Charging Discriminatory Fees & Forming Local Pacts To Collude On Prices

April 2010

20ACA Chairman Friedman: Trade Group Fully Committed To Comcast-NBCU Merger, Retransmission Consent Battles

March 2010

10ACA Joins Large Coalition Seeking FCC Reform Of Retransmission Consent
7ACA Statement On Disney Pulling Its ABC Signal From 3 Million Cablevision Customers
4Statement Of ACA President and CEO Matthew M. Polka On Sen. Kerry's Letter To FCC Chairman Urging Retransmission Consent Reform

February 2010

22In Seattle Times Column, ACA Chairman Steve Friedman Says Cash Demands Of TV Stations Are Increasing Monthly Cable Bills

November 2009

19ACA Calls On The FCC To Probe TV Local Marketing Agreements (LMAs)

September 2009

1ACA To FCC - Stop the Broadcasters and Media Conglomerates’ Abuse Of Small Ops

July 2009

30With Evidence of Market Failure All Around, ACA Calls For A Retransmission Consent Investigation By The FCC
14ACA Applauds House Introduction Of Local Television Freedom Act
6SNL Kagan Projects More Than Twofold Increase In Retransmission Consent Revenue

May 2009

21ACA Survey Confirms 271% Rise In 2009 Retransmission Consent
7First Quarter Results Affirm TV Stations' Pricing Power Over Small Cable

October 2008

28Market Abuse Evidence Mounting as FCC Considers New Wholesale Programming Rules
17ACA Calls on Commission to Restore Balance to Retrans Market

September 2008

25Retransmission Consent Complaints Demonstrate Continuing Broadcaster Abuse Of Independent Cable Operators And Consumers
18Broadcasters Again Tout Dramatic Rise in Retransmission Consent Revenue
4ACA Commends FCC Adoption of Digital Must Carry Exemption

July 2008

282008 is a Year of Progress and Potential for ACA and Independent Cable Industry
14Independent Cable Operators Unite to Address Issues of Cost, Choice, and Customer Service
8Too Little Relief for Too Little Operators

April 2008

7Independent Cable Calls Foul on Broadcaster Abuse of Market Power

March 2008

17Harm of Retransmission Consent Topic of Discussion at Cable Show

February 2008

19Independent Cable Rallies to Fight Discrimination at Hands of Broadcasters and Programmers
12Smaller, Independent Cable to FCC: Put Consumers First

January 2008

4Smaller Cable Operators Focus on More Choices for Consumers in FCC Filing

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